Monday, March 14, 2011

Transitional Living

Well, here we are in Copperas Cove, in a house God graciously provided for us through two visionary and mission minded churches.......finding that our bills are somehow being anonymously paid before we ever find out what they are.....and having people show up at our door with meals, food, furniture, supplies for the orphanage, and this morning just the right amount of money to pay for a much needed doctor's appointment and medicine to deal with a really hard to beat sinus infection that has plagued Mark for weeks.

Indeed, God is meeting all of our needs and teaching us many wonderful and really timely lessons in trusting Him as we transition from our home, paycheck, health insurance, church, family, friends, and lifestyle in Edgewood, New Mexico to packing everything up and heading for Cameroon and in many ways "the unknown" to us in September. As Mark told a very gracious group of students in a seminary mission's class last month--"If it seems like I am vague about what life in a village of animists will be like for my family--it's because I really am pretty vague as to what we are in for." In all honesty, we don't know where we will live, how God will provide for the needs of now 39 orphans, how we will fit in, how we will get our supplies from the port city of Douala to the mountain village of Bossa, where to go for medical help, how to share and live out the Gospel before our Fulani neighbors, and a million other questions that criss-cross our minds as we lie awake in bed when sleep is slow to come.

But in seeing God so graciously meeting our needs and answering our questions here in our transitional home of Copperas Cove--we as a family are growing every day in our confidence that this Great God Who is proving Himself so faithful in our little questions will not fail us when the questions get harder and the stakes a bit more risky. He not only has the answers--He is the One Who has created the questions. Praise Him Who calls inadequate people to do not what they know how to do but what they don't--all for His Glory and our joy in living the adventure of a lifetime.

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